Attendance percentage calculator

Attendance Percentage Calculator

Attendance Percentage Calculator

 What is attendance Percentage.

The Attendance Percentage Calculator is a simple web-based tool designed to help calculate the attendance percentage based on the total number of classes and the number of classes attended. This tool can be useful for students, teachers, or anyone who wants to keep track of their attendance and determine their overall attendance percentage.

How to use Attendance Percentage Calculator?.

The tool features a user-friendly interface created using HTML and CSS, with an intuitive design that allows users to input the required data easily. Users simply need to enter the total number of classes and the number of classes attended into the respective input fields. After clicking the "Calculate" button, the tool uses JavaScript to perform the necessary calculations and displays the attendance percentage in a clear and readable format. The attendance percentage is calculated by dividing the number of classes attended by the total number of classes and multiplying the result by 100. The resulting attendance percentage is then displayed below the button. If the user enters invalid input, such as a negative number or a number of classes attended greater than the total number of classes, an error message will be shown instead.

Overall, the Attendance Percentage Calculator provides a quick and convenient way to determine attendance percentages, allowing users to monitor their attendance progress and make informed decisions based on the results.

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