love percentage calculator

Love Percentage Calculator

Love Percentage Calculator

The Love Percentage Calculator is a simple web application that allows users to calculate a random "love percentage" between two people. Users can enter their names and their partner's name into the form, and upon clicking the "Calculate Love Percentage" button, the application generates a random love percentage and displays it along with a pie chart representation. The pie chart visually shows the distribution of love between the two individuals.

How to Use love percentage calculator.

1. Access the Web Application**: To use the Love Percentage Calculator, open a web browser and navigate to the URL where the `index.html` file is hosted or load it locally.

2. Enter Names**: In the form provided on the web page, input your name in the "Your Name" field and your partner's name in the "Partner's Name" field. These names represent the two individuals whose love percentage you want to calculate.

3. Calculate Love Percentage**: After entering the names, click the "Calculate Love Percentage" button. The application will generate a random love percentage and display it prominently below the form.

4. **Interpret the Result**: The application will display a message like "Love Percentage between [Your Name] and [Partner's Name]: [Love Percentage]%". This percentage is randomly generated and represents the "love compatibility" between the two individuals.

5. **View the Pie Chart**: Below the result message, a pie chart is displayed. It visually represents the love percentage distribution. The chart shows two segments, one for each person's "love" percentage. The colors represent each person's love contribution, with labels indicating who the percentage belongs to.

6. **Repeat or Share**: If you want to calculate the love percentage with different names or share the result with friends, simply clear the form and enter new names. Click the "Calculate Love Percentage" button again to see a new result.

Please note that this love percentage calculator is just a fun and random way to entertain users and should not be taken seriously for relationship decisions. The percentages generated are arbitrary and not based on any real algorithm or data.